Since legalization of cannabis for medicinal use across Canada, different municipalities have been looking to received licenses as well as banking measure to start accepting sales. The recent updates provide an avenue for finally offering customers and clients the option to make marijuana purchases with a credit card as opposed to cash. This is a brand new development and something dispensaries have been waiting for a long time.

Accept Credit Card Payments For Marijuana Sales

Cannabis Credit Card Merchant Services Canada

Cannabis Credit Card Merchant Services Canada

Finally, if you are a cannabis dispensary you can now offer more than simply cash or debit card options to your customers. This is not only great for business, for many clients it will be far more convenient as cash is more and more phased out of every day transactions. This is a very recent development so if you operate or own a cannabis dispensary for medical use, you’ll want to explore this avenue and update your business model as quickly as possible.

Approval is very simple, just as it is for all non marijuana businesses, and this is as easy as filling out an application and getting the process started. Benefits of offering your customers a credit card payment option are as follows:

1. Less Cash transactions streamline banking and other business functions.

2. Improved Security related to less cash needing to be physically deposited at the bank.

3. Ease of Access for your customers, not requiring them to stop at the ATM or bank prior to making a purchase.

4. Quick direct deposits into your business banking.

This is just a very short list of some of the most obvious benefits to accepting credit card purchases for your MMJ business. Get started today with just a few minutes and start accepting credit payments for cannabis sales today. is a leader in MMJ merchant service solutions and will work with you on an individual level. We know our clients businesses and we are also Canadians. Your Success Is Our Success.

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