Cannabis and Hemp Credit/Debit  Solutions

Cannabis has been legalized in Canada for medical usage (for several years) and recently for recreational consumption. Coffee shops and cannabis dispensaries can now serve the general public and that means many new transactions. Before, there was no credit or debit card acceptance solutions available to cannabis dispensaries. Today, full merchant services are available and the cannabis industry is no longer considered high risk. Meaning retailers of cannabis and all forms of CBD products can function without high fees or large payment reserves. is a leading provider for the best cannabis merchant service solutions.

The medical benefits of cannabis and CBD cannot be understated. Some projections state that the CBD industry alone will be $22 billion by the year 2022. Meaning more businesses will be entering the marketplace and more importantly more people will be getting the relief and therapeutic benefits of through this historic legal change. Brotherprocessing is focusing on this industry because of the medical benefits, the growth, and it’s historic impact for all Canadians.
  • Expert In The Cannabis Industry
  • Investor In The Industry
  • Focusing Solutions For This Historically Growing Industry
  • Accept Credit/Debit Card Transactions For Cannabis and CBD Products
  • Fast Processing Times
  • For Medical or Recreational Dispensaries
  • All Varieties of CBD Products
  • E-commerce Options For CBD Products
  • Industry Leading Rates

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