LeafBuyer.com is a leading partner with Brother Processing and offers customers and consumers of all things including cannabis deals, dispensary directories, strain variety information, and much more. With loads of informative and functional cannabis guides and also Canadian and state by state USA cannabis legality instruction, make the most of your medical and recreational THC consumption with Leaf Buyer.

GreenLight is a point of sale system for in house cannabis dispensaries of all varietites. Offering a seamless solution and great business to bank and customer to business solutions. With advanced network security and the top of the line P.O.S. systems that are installed seamlessly and work fluidly, improve your cannabis business today with GreenLight.

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Dauntless provides end-to-end solutions for all business units within the cannabis industry: Growers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Laboratories and all ancillary business units, such as legal, CRM, and marketing. It is a one stop solution for the in-house business aspect of the cannabis industry.

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They have a very unique and convenient model that helps companies like yours reduce indirect costs in 40 different cost categories, including Telecom, Freight, Insurances, Credit Card Processing, Energy, Office Supplies, Courier and Payroll services among many other. Their fees are 100% linked to performance and paid by the savings found so there is no risk or cost to the client.

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Greater Local is a business solution firm that has worked with everyone from the small local business owner to the multi-national corporation for a variety of marketing needs.

With a professional team of advanced coders, web designers, copywriters, search marketers, and management solutions, Greater Local can provide a level of thoroughness not normally provided by even the most prestigious of firms.

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Ship Watchers is an industry leader specializing in Freight Invoice Auditing for Small Parcel (UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS), LTL, TL, Ocean, Rail, and Air Carriers.  Additional solutions include Freight Payment, Customized Reporting, Contract Analysis & Negotiations, and Cargo Freight Rates.  You will be met with an experienced staff and the most technologically advanced freight auditing network to insure you are paying only what you should on your freight bills.  (No Risk, No Up Front Fees, No Obligation)

URL: http://www.shipwatchers.com/referral_client/GHJ022633

About The Guardian Association
It’s about SAFETY and SAVINGS.
The Guardian Association is a members club created to protect consumers and also help you save. Your Guardian Association savings card is good on any and all of our participating companies offering all forms of services to you the consumer at a discounted price..

SAFETY… All of our participating companies have passed a qualification process ensuring they are great companies providing great service. ALL ARE LICENCED, INSURED, LITIGATION FREE WITH A CLEAN HISTORY.

We have done the research so you do not have to.