MMJ Dispensary Merchant Services – Credit/Debit Card Options

Running a legitimate Marijuana Medical or Recreational Shop? Looking to start offering your regular customers credit and debit options for payments? Finally, there are viable merchant service options available for your business. Here is a quick guide to finding the best MMJ Merchant Service Provider. 1. High Risk Specialization MMJ Credit Card Processing Company [...]

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BPS Revenue Sharing Program Pays Out Up To 10-50%

BPS Revenue Sharing Program Here at BPS we not only work with every client individually but also join forces with many of our clients to share revenue based on your sales each and every month. Join the BPS Revenue Sharing Referral Program today and receive a portion of your own sales from 10% to [...]

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Not Accepting Credit Cards? You’re Missing Out On Sales & Clients

It's a known fact, that from a consumer stand point, any business that does not accept credit cards (be them online only or a local physical store), is either highly outdated or possibly evading taxes. No matter what sort of business you are running, be it a large conglomerate or a small family business, you [...]

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Ecommerce SEO Marketing Service Benefits

With today’s global markets being as competitive as they are, it is critical for online companies to develop a competitive advantage over their closest competitorsvia search engine optimization. Almost nowhere is the value more apparent to a businesses online sales and reach than through Ecommerce SEO Marketing services. Ecommerce SEO Marketing services When an ecommerce [...]

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Local Online Marketing That Grows Your Business

It’s no mystery that the internet has changed the face of local business permanently, and to most of us that is for the best. As it stands right now roughly 90% of new clients find local businesses they are looking for through web based searches. Whether you own a restaurant, operate a landscaping company, or [...]

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