With the recent implementation of recreational marijuana for personal consumption, the growth potential for budding dispensaries is on the rise. But, this had been marked with difficult regulations where companies were forced to accept payments only in cash. Today, that is finally changing. Now you can purchase cannabis, edibles, tinctures, and more with your debit or credit card right at the shop. The issue for a long time, despite medical marijuana being legal for quite a while here in Canada, was that banks would refuse to work with companies selling such services. This meant that accepting debit and credit payments was out of the question. That is finally changing.

Canadian Marijuana Credit Card Processing Services

Canadian Marijuana Credit Card Processing Services

Despite the change in the laws (as voted in by Canadian citizens and ratified by the government), there was still much left to be desired when it came time to actually purchasing cannabis. Not only was it difficult for dispensaries to operate fluidly (having to take large amounts of cash), but it was equally as difficult for everyday patients and consumers as well. As of recently, swiping credit or debit cards to purchase marijuana is now an option many dispensaries are utilizing.

The Process

It will go as it does for any other normal purchase, be it at the grocery store, a restaurant, etc. Simply make your selection, go to the counter, and dip or swipe your card, enter a pin or sign the receipt, and your off. Your bank statement will simply have the name that the business has listed for their credit card processing solution. That’s it.

Find Dispensaries Accepting Cards

This is a bit more tricky as many of the existing dispensaries have not yet updated their business model to accept card purchases. But more and more are on the way. If you already utilize a shop, simply ask them the next time your in or phone them to find out if you can stop carrying cash to make a purchase. Over the coming weeks and months more and more dispensaries will be adding card point of sale terminals, and this will make things that much easier when it comes to buying marijuana.

Own A Dispensary?

If you are a dispensary owner or manager yourself, now is the time to start giving your customers and patients the most seamless purchasing process available. Don’t require cash only and don’t deal with large amounts of cash on a daily and weekly basis. This is cumbersome, as well as less safe in terms of security. Digital transactions are the way of accepting payments in today’s modern world, your marijuana business should be no different. Find the best in local Canadian Marijuana Credit Card Processing Services, right here at BrotherProcessing.com. Get in touch with our personalized team where we know you and your business, you’re not just a number or account.