Cannabis Dispensary Debit Card Transactions Canada

Cannabis Dispensary Debit Card Transactions Canada

Running a Marijuana dispensary means doing your best to keep up with modern business technologies and services. When it comes to offering more options to customer and clients than only cash for making purchases, there are few ways to start accepting card payments. Now, you can start accepting debit card payments, through Interac where no financial information is shared with the online merchant.

Interac Processing

As the cannabis industry grows rapidly in Canada, retailers are always looking for faster and more efficient ways to serve their customers. Interac allows for just that, debit card transactions where funds are taken directly from in-store purchases made via a card with pin code. This offers not only an additional measure of security as no information is passed through the merchant as well as giving your customers the choice of paying with cash in hand or simply swiping their debit card.

Benefits of Debit Card Transactions

Dealing with large amounts of physical cash is not something businesses should have to deal with in today’s interconnected world. No longer will your customers have to stop at the bank or ATM before coming to shop, as well as you as a business owner having less physical cash to work with, making both of your lives easier. After all, marijuana is legal, therefore cash alone does not have to be an option and your clients can choose to simply use their debit card in lieu of physical cash exchanges.

Ease of Access

If you operate a cannabis dispensary in Canada and have been looking for ways to improve your business, this is the most straight forward solution available to you. Paperwork and bookkeeping are made far easier with less cash to deal with at the end of the day as well as safer. Starting this process is as easy as speaking with a cannabis merchant service provider, like right here at

Accepting Cannabis Dispensary Debit Card Transactions Canada is no longer a thing of the past. Start today with a simple application and ask any questions you may have with your dedicated representative.