With full legalization of marijuana for recreational use in all of Canada, the industry is growing faster than ever. What was already a quickly growing medical industry has no opened its doors to the general public, and that means a lot of options when it comes to buying cannabis today. For consumers, this means more access to the health and recreational benefits of the historically illegal cash crop. From coffee shops popping up offering buds and edibles, to a vast array of CBD products available online, the choices are seemingly limitless and growing.

Cannabis Credit Card Processing Companies Canada

Cannabis Credit Card Processing Companies

But, if you operate a dispensary or coffee shop, it wasn’t always this simple. There was a lot of red tape and legality concerns to consider. Banks wouldn’t allow pot businesses to accept credit and debit payments and the solutions that did arise labeled them high risk with major fees and huge monthly reserves. This was not conducive to the growth potential of the cannabis industry and with full legalization that has finally changed.

Now, a marijuana dispensary can operate as a completely normal and legitimate business. That means banking, customer portals, point of sale machines, credit and debit transactions, reduced taxation, just to name a few. This is helping with the fast growth we’re seeing cannabis vender’s and consumers are taking advantage of. No longer is a dispensary deemed “risky”, and banks are even actually marketing to them.

With the additional growth in the Canadian Cannabis Stock Exchange, it seems that marijuana is here to stay. So if you own or operate a dispensary, it’s time to modernize and make the most of the changes to the legality. Change your merchant service provider and get the rates and reduction in fees that you deserve today. For the best in Cannabis Credit Card Processing Companies Canada, look no further than right here at BrotherProcessing.com. We are a leading provider of marijuana merchant services and are also investors in the Canadian marijuana marketplace. If you have questions, please ask and get started today.