Medical marijuana has been utilized in Canada for several years now with thousands of people enjoying the benefits of all natural herbal medication. Now, with the Canada paving the way with legalization of marijuana for recreational consumption, you may be asking yourself, “what is the difference between a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary?”

Here we’ll look at some of the telltale differences between the two types of dispensaries, what products they offer, who is there usual clientele, and what sort of ways you can make a purchase.

Medical Dispensaries

Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Service Companies

Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Service Companies

Many of us may be familiar with the medicinal benefits of marijuana. From help with sleep, to appetite stimulation, anxiety relief, to pain relief without narcotics; the benefits for patients consuming marijuana in all of its forms are profound. The real focus here is that we are talking about natural plant based medicine with little to no side effects, especially when comparing the side effects of opiates for pain relief for example. There is no potential from overdose from marijuana and many people can find relief that they need from consuming edibles, oils, ointments, or in pill form and do not even need to “smoke” or “vape”. Medical dispensaries will tend to have a bit more knowledge of specific medical properties of each type of weed, as well as the type of patient that each one would be suitable for. In the past you needed a medical card to make a purchase at these stores, and for a long time only cash payments were accepted. Now you can use cash, debit/credit cards, and even personal checks.

Recreational Dispensaries

These are the new legalized shops where you can purchase all manner of THC, from flower buds, to concentrate, oils, edibles, and so on. These also offer devices such as grinders, pipes, rolling papers, and different types of CBD products. These are known as more traditional “head shops”, and you don’t need a medical card of any kind to browse and purchase, you just need to be of age with ID. Although the specific medical benefits of cannabis may be less known by staff, you can use these strains for medicinal purposes as well. No longer either is cash the only way to make a purchase, you can also use card (debit or credit), or personal checks depending on the locations. Canada is one of the world’s first modern first world nations to completely legalize marijuana for recreational consumption, a move loved by many Canadians and tourists visiting the Canadian part of North America.

No matter your personal or political views on the state of Marijuana legalization in Canada, it is here to stay. Take to heart the true medical benefits that many ailing or sick people benefit, and combine that with the fun and relaxation of recreational users and you can see what this industry is booming and only poised to grow further by billions in the coming years.

Operate a marijuana dispensary?

You can start offering your customers and patients all the ease of making a normal purchase as any other local business, such as a restaurant or pharmacy or doctors office, take credit and debit payments with ease and speed. Whether using a more conventional point of sale machine, or a card reader, with easy installation and payments received to you in as little as one business day, your customers can start paying without having to get cash. This means less cash deposits for you, less risk of carrying large quantities of cash, and just an overall easier business model. For the best in Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Service Companies, look no further than right here, local expertise for over a decade.