Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada today. With projections up to 20 billion per year in the coming years, it is no mystery why more and more companies are getting in on the incredible growth the industry is seeing. But, finding qualified CBD credit card processing is more of a gray area that many business owners are finding themselves having a hard time with.

CBD Credit Card Processing Canada

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The problem lies with Health Canada. Yes marijuana has been completely legalized for recreational use, but CBD still falls into an area where it has not yet been regulated the way in which Cannabis is. It seems that this will come in the not so distant future, but selling CBD right now requires a few things that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, your credit and debit processing must be done legally and transparently. Offering your customers more ways to pay that cash simply helps everyone. Your customers have more choice when it comes to how they pay and you have provided that option. Plus it makes life much easier when it comes time to do book keeping and management. No more is it necessary to make large cash deposits at the bank, when you have a CBD merchant service provider everything is done electronically and you receive direct deposits.

Next you’ll have to consider your business. Are you an ecommerce company operating entirely on the web? Brick and mortar location? Or do you offer both? Because of the ways in which Health Canada is trying to limit CBD marketing, you’ll want to be sure you do all of the compliance that your CBD merchant service provider will be able to assist you with. This means a few things and the specifics will be based on your monthly volume, total sales transactions, and a few other technical things of this nature. Be sure to work with a reputable company who will ensure your transition to digital is smooth.

Getting started is not something that should be stressful either. You can find the best CBD Credit Card Processing Canada, right here at . We are not a large agency and know our clients as individuals and businesses. Every company is different and has different needs, that is where we come in. Call today and let’s discuss your CBD business and how we can get you online or in-store with card readers straight away.