It may no longer be a mystery to you that Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational use in the entire nation. However, there are other hemp based products which have been legal for quite sometime which are used for various therapeutic purposes. One of those is Hemp derived CBD products with THC concentrations of less than 0.3%. Selling these products online or in your retail store is now far more simple with access to credit and debit card processing merchant services focused on helping the hemp/cannabis industry grow. Let’s look at some of the facts.

1. Benefits of CBD

Accept Credit Payments CBD Canada

Accept Credit Payments CBD Canada

CBD (Cannabidiol) provides a number of useful medical and therapeutic benefits that users and patients have taken advantage of for years. The most common reason for using CBD is because of its pain relieving properties. This allows people suffering from acute or chronic pain to treat it without the need for dangerous and highly addictive opiates or other pain medication alternatives. CBD offers a route to reduce pain without having the terrible short and longterm side effects that we see from traditional pain management practices.

2. Types of CBD

CBD is available in a wide range of products. The most common one’s being CBD oil, CBD hash, CBD pills, and CBD edibles, even CBD creams and skin lotions. This means that there are many routes to administer the benefits of using CBD and it is up to the user or patient to determine the most suitable way for them to ingest it and feel the benefits.

3. Accepting Payments Online/Retail Stores

No longer do businesses have to offer cash only services to patients and users of CBD. Finally, merchant service providers, as well as banks, are working with businesses to offer their customers the most secure and simplest way to make purchases. Via credit and debit card sales. Whether you own an online e-commerce hemp focused shop or a retail store location, it’s important that you’re taking advantage of this new opportunity and give your customers the choice in how to pay. This solves the issue of large cash deposits and is also far more secure.

Marijuana legalization for recreational use has changed the way in which Canadians, and hopefully the world, views cannabis and other hemp based products. It has bolstered the economy, increased tourism, and amounted to far more healthier and happier citizens in just a few short weeks. If you own a store online or in a retail location, be sure to give your customers ever opportunity to make purchases. For the best merchant service to help you Accept Credit Payments CBD Canada, look no further than right here at