Cannabidiol (known commonly as CBD) has become all of the rage in alternative medicine and natural health remedies. But why is that fact? What is it about this cannabis derived product that has become so widely consumed and touted by everyone from average everyday users to medical professionals alike? The proof is in the power of this non-narcotic THC free cannabis compound.

What are people using CBD for?

CBD Credit Card Processing Services

CBD Credit Card Processing Services

CBD has a very wide range of uses which is why it’s been dubbed the “modern day cure all”. It treats things like chronic pain, anxiety, the digestive system, appetite, and even skin. Because it is used for so many different ailments, and is easily extracted from cannabis, it is also available in a wide range of different delivery methods. The most common are CBD pills for anxiety and pain, CBD ointments, creams and lotions for pain and skin care; CBD oil for addition to food, liquids, or inhaled via vape; CBD powder for smoothies and food; just to name a few. This means that people who are going to take cannabidiol don’t have to be limited in where, when, or how they consumer the product.

What do medical professionals say about CBD?

Being a more recent health product, there is still loads of ongoing research into the potency and efficacy of CBD in it’s various forms and for various ailments (chronic, acute, or otherwise). But the overwhelming early verdict is that its great for a host of specific ailments and conditions from chronic sleep disorder, anxiety + depression care, to pain relief for chronic pain. This is important because CBD is an all natural compound found in nature, it does not get you high and has little to no side effects, and can even be used by children with epilepsy or a history of seizures to help them cope and increase prevention.

What do banks say about businesses selling CBD?

With full legalization here in Canada and multiple states legalizing marijuana recreationally, CBD is also accepted and sold all over North America. Canada is paving the way and Canadian banks no longer look at CBD or marijuana as a high risk product to be scrutinized like gambling, alcohol, hard drugs, or pornography/prostitution. This means consumers can get all of the benefits of CBD, and businesses can cash in on the booming market that is growing and poised to grow several billion more in the next few years in Canada alone. If you are a CBD supplier or retailer (no matter if it’s via the web on E-Commerce sites or a traditional brick and mortar), you can start accepting credit and debit payments for all products related to CBD with no more hassles.

Knowing who to hire for your CBD Credit Card Processing Services though isn’t as straight forward as many may think and that’s why its so important to have the right merchant service provider working with you and on your behalf. Start accepting payments via cards right away and get the lowest rates in the industry, all while getting fast direct deposit time frames, just call Stuart Lutterman at recently featured on the ‘Your Highness’ CBD and cannabis podcast.