Stores are opening back up and we’re getting back to life with a new “normal” here in Canada. During this time period businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to adjust to a less face to face world and that means some major changes to selling. Loads of cannabis accessory companies have turned to the internet to keep business moving forwards but it’s not without some changes. Here we’ll look at what is important when it comes to selling cannabis accessories and marijuana products online.

Your Website

Cannabis Accessory Credit Card Processing Canada

Cannabis Accessory Credit Card Processing Canada

Having a well built professional ecommerce website can make all of the difference when it comes to driving sales. When users come to a page that looks disjointed or just sloppy they may be less inclined to place an order no matter how reputable your company is. If you’re website isn’t up to scratch it could hurt your business.

Marketing Cannabis & CBD

There are some different rules that Health Canada has regarding the marketing of Cannabis products and CBD. You’ll want to find out about these depending on what items you’re marketing. CBD is still not officially regulated by Health Canada and will have harsher restrictions to the phraseology that can be used for marketing. For example, you cannot make health claims regarding CBD they way companies in the USA does. So this is something you’ll want to be aware of. You should also be taking advantage of social media like Facebook and Instagram as a marketing platform.

Cannabis Accessory Credit Card Processing

When your site is online and you’re ready to start accepting sales it’s time to get set up with a merchant service provider to run all of your online debit and credit sales transactions. Here is where you need to be careful. Despite the legality of Cannabis in Canada some merchant providers still list this variety of business as high risk. That means very high processing rates and holds, but that should not be the case. This is no longer required and the best marijuana credit card processing companies will offer the same rates and time frames for direct deposit as any other business out there. Here you’ll want to do some research as not all merchant services (especially for the Cannabis and CBD industry) are created equal. Be sure to ask questions and it’s often far better to work with a more specialized independent merchant provider as opposed to a large international company where you’re just a number.

Find a Merchant Service Provider

Even with the legality of Cannabis here in Canada some merchant services will not be willing to accept businesses selling Cannabis or the related accessories. You should be looking for companies that work with the marijuana industry, are investors into the industry, and who know the importance of safely offering cannabis, CBD, and all related accessories. Be sure to find out if the provider accepts your business and without any issues or labeling you’re company “high risk”. You should be expecting standard processing rates from 3-4% for the various card types like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. Also you should ask about time frames for direct deposit. Anything longer than one business day should be a sign the company isn’t one you should use. Ask questions and working with a smaller firm where you and your business are known and not just a number is a huge plus.

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