We all know that Cannabis has been legalized for recreational use here in Canada. This means a few key things when it comes to running a business within this fast growing industry. If you run a brick and mortar or ecommerce website that sells things like water pipes, grinders, join rollers, bongs, bowls, vaporizers, or any other item related to Marijuana, there is a few things you need to know.

Stocking Variety

Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada

Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada

There is more to marijuana consumption today than ever before. No longer is the only method available a hand rolled joint and in fact there is much technology that comes into play today. For example, instead of choosing from a simple pipe, users have all manner of devices available to them. From accessories that look like they belong in a lab environment to simpler fare or even more complicated fare with heat sensors and heat setting to get that ideal puff. Having a large variety will make all of the difference in getting the most out of your customers. They will appreciate the choices you’re offering them and that will show in your bottom line. So be sure to stock a wide range of different cannabis items not just the historically known staples.

Offering Payment Options To Customers

People today are carrying less and less cash. With things like apple pay and tap debit and credit cards ever growing in popularity it’s not hard to see why. Cash can be cumbersome and inconvenient to get when you are in a shop that only accepts cash and all you have is card. This means that you should be offering your customers every available payment route. Even accepting personal checks through the immediate clearance system that can run a check instantly as though it were a card. Of course, if your business is online you can really only accept cards and other payment forms like paypal. But there are some paypal restrictions for these sort of goods so you’ll need to have high quality cannabis accessory merchant services in place to keep things running smooth.

Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services

Not all credit card processing companies will allow marijuana businesses to use their services. This may seem very short sited to you (and to us as well), but the fact of the matter remains. Using a merchant service provider that is dedicated to supporting marijuana accessory businesses of all sizes is a huge plus. You get the best rates coming from a company who not only knows the cannabis industry but who also invests directly into the cannabis industry. Do not look towards large agencies or huge firms where you are just a number and no one knows who you are or what your business is about. A dedicated marijuana credit card processing company makes your life much easier as they are experienced in the market and what each company individually requires for processing. So be sure you’re re-analyzing your processor if you’re using a large agency.

There is a lot to running any business and despite legalization there is still more regarding marijuana than you may think. For the best Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada, look no further than over 10 years in the industry right here at BrotherProcessing.com