These are difficult time with the coronavirus effecting people in nearly every part of the globe. Despite the economy right now we will recover and that means you should still be working hard to get things done. Now is a great time to connect with and collaborate with different partners within the Cannabis and Hemp industry. Whether that be here in Canada, in the United States, or abroad; there are some things you can do to add value to your business during these trying times. Stay safe and let’s take a look.

Plan & Start Networking

CBD Credit Card Processing Company

CBD Credit Card Processing Company

As many of us are stuck self quarantining or are told to stay home, now is a great time to take advantage of the fact that many other people in our industry are doing the same. Now is a great time to get over to and connect with other companies doing the same thing as you and see where a collaboration can be had. If you are missing something in your business model, be that cannabis debit and credit card processing, CBD ecommerce set up, sourcing cannabis accessory items, or looking for new items to offer; you have time to do the research. With some hunting and reaching out you can find exactly what it is your business needs to stay afloat now and flourish when we get back to normal.

Adding Value

There are several ways for businesses to add value or reduce costs. This can be simple things like finding a new marketing avenue for your cannabis business or it can be more back-end such as working with a new CBD credit card processing company. Look at your fees and costs for the month, where is there waste? Where can you do better? Are those fees really necessary for that service? Are you paying for services you’re not using? Ask yourself these questions and you may find that you have a lot of duplication or areas where you’re paying too much. This is often the case with CBD merchant services, many don’t offer the best rates and won’t have convenient direct deposit time frames. Now is as good as ever to look for a better CBD credit card processing, one who knows the industry, one who will know who you are and your business, and who can simply put save you money.

Silver Lining During This Time

Because many people are highly stressed out right now, many others will be laid off or furloughed, there will be a greater need for CBD and Cannabis products as people look to deal with anxiety and stress from home. Also, because so many people are stuck at home they are spending more time on the internet and that means great ecommerce sales for companies who are set up to offer products through the web. If you are not currently offering your CBD or Marijuana accessories to customers online, you are missing a far greater piece of the market than you may think. Take the time you have now and get online, get set up with a website, online Credit card processing, and an ecommerce platform that you can get behind. You may find that not only does this help your business get through this time period but can actually replace or out perform your in-store sales when we get back to life as usual.

Take advantage where you can right now and use the time that you have to your advantage. For the best in CBD Credit Card Processing Company, look no further than over a decade of experience within the industry, right here at We work directly with each client, we know you and your business, you are not just an account number. we are also investors into the Cannabis industry. Call today and get a consultation on where we can improve your credit and debit processing right away. 800-891-8965