Running a legitimate Marijuana Medical or Recreational Shop? Looking to start offering your regular customers credit and debit options for payments? Finally, there are viable merchant service options available for your business. Here is a quick guide to finding the best MMJ Merchant Service Provider.

1. High Risk Specialization

MMJ Credit Card Processing Company

MMJ Credit Card Processing Company

Accepting credit and debit payments is new in the world of MMJ dispensaries and its important to get it right. Be sure that the merchant service provider you use offers the latest in high risk processing protections to ensure your payments clear on time, every time. Minimizing potential chargebacks and protecting your bottom line.

2. Payment Speed

Nowadays ensuring you receive daily payment clearance is a must. With 24 hour (1 business day) processing time speeds, payments clear with the ease of direct deposit on a day to day basis.

3. Reliable and Available Support

Having a real support system for all of your credit and debit processing needs is important when integrating your new payment system so you and all of your personnel can become smoothly accustomed to it. Working with clients directly one on one is something we pride ourselves on.

Brother Processing is a leading MMJ Dispensary Merchant Services and offers the latest in all merchant services, from MMJ dispensaries, E-commerce stores, Point Of Sale systems, doctors, dentists, and many more. Be sure to contact our team directly with questions and how you can get started accepting credit and debit payments for your Marijuana Dispensary.