Here in Canada cannabis has been legalized for medical consumption for years and now this year it has also been legalized for recreational use for those 19 year of age and older. Cannabidiol (CBD) on the other hand falls into a bit more of a grey area. Despite its ever increasing popularity there are some Health Canada restrictions when it comes to promoting your CBD business. This doesn’t matter if your shop is a brick and mortar or an ecommerce store operating on the internet, there are rules regarding marketing.

No Health Claims Can Be Made

Best CBD Merchant Services

Best CBD Merchant Services

Despite the proven clinical evidence that CBD is very suitable for the treatment of a wide range of chronic and acute ailments, you cannot make these claims. Either on your website directly or in any of the literature or sign-age of your shop. This is due to the regulation that and research regarding CBD by specifically the government Health Canada organization. Similar to the FDA in the United States, Health Canada determines the suitability and legality of all things pertaining to heath and medicine here in the country. There website has some clear rules regarding what can and cannot be said and how it can or cannot be promoted or marketed.

So, What Does That Mean For Your CBD Business?

It means obeying the law to put it simply. You may go ahead and put up some ads on Google to sell your CBD supply, however you’ll see that they do not approve any of the keyword combinations or ads containing CBD or derivatives of its words or phrasing. There are a few roundabout companies who have a solution that can be used to promote CBD sales on Google here in Canada, but those third parties are really just skirting the law in a way that may not be sustainable. They companies will create and get your ads approved under different terms and then when a potential customer clicks the ad link on Google, they are directed to a third party website that they then must scroll through and click through to actually get to your ecommerce webpage. Some companies are having luck with this and its a suitable option for the interim until Health Canada makes a judgment on what can and cannot be sold and said about CBD products.

Importance Of Credit Card Processing

Having the right company doing your CBD companies credit card and debit card processing is also a crucial aspect of running a successful CBD and cannabis derivative company. With Health Canada as it is, and where places like Shopify will not approve a merchant account, other more suitable companies will. Be sure you’re asking the right questions regarding the processing fees & rates, time frames for direct deposit, charge-back policies, limits, minimums, and so on. Because some companies will want to list this sort of business as “high-risk” you need to be sure you’re not using one of them. The rates can be as high as 7-10% for a single transaction, which is just ridiculous. The normal processing rates are between 2-4% for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. These merchant service providers are the one’s you want to go with, in particular those with a small dedicated team that knows the Cannabis and CBD business ins and outs. Not some agency where you are a number and no on knows you.

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