Marijuana is indeed completely legal for recreational consumption here in Canada, but weirdly enough, CBD products are still in that gray area. They are being and can be sold in stores, on ecommerce websites, and at places like farmers markets and elsewhere; but Health Canada is pretty specific about what you can and cannot say regarding CBD varieties of products.

It Comes Down To Making Health Claims

CBD Merchant Services In Canada

CBD Merchant Services In Canada

Now, we may know and there is a multitude of research that has shown the efficacy of Cannabidiol in treating all sorts of different ailments. From depression to chronic pain and even epilepsy, but that does not mean you can make these sorts of claims or statements on your CBD website. That is grounds for a violation of the marketing restrictions that Health Canada has set.

So, What Can I Say?

Here it is pretty straightforward. Providing information about CBD is no problem, such as how it can be consumed, how longs its been around, how any individual CBD product is created, where Cannabidiol is derived from, and so on. Avoid making bold claims that cannot or have not yet been backed up by accepted research to specifically Health Canada.

When Will CBD Be Completely Legal Like Cannabis?

There is some contentiousness regarding this bit of info. Some experts say within 2 years while others say 5 years or longer. The problem is that CBD is fairly new and there is not quite as much accepted scientific information in the way there is with Cannabis which has been studied for decades. Also, the issue is that CBD is also being marketed and sold to parents to aid there children who have things like epilepsy or seizures, and this is where there is some concern to the government. Where as of course there is no THC in CBD, but its still derived from hemp and that is something that Health Canada is concerned with.

So, What Should I Do?

Well, as long as your not making any bold claims you really don’t have much to worry about. If you do have information and articles regarding the health benefits of CBD, you may consider removing or editing them.

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