If you’re running a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, you may be only accepting cash payments at this time. This creates a whole slew of issues for business owners, from the safety and security concerns of making large deposits of cash and storing and traveling with literally briefcases of bills, or limiting your customers and patients to cash purchases only, there are a lot of issues with keeping this safe and convenient. Finally, through our relationship with Interac, you can now accept marijuana debit card payments right at the point of sale without needing any hand to hand cash transactions.

How It Works

Just like any other business where you can make purchases with cash, credit or debit cards, now cannabis dispensaries can accept debit card transactions. This is because there is no credit card company or bank intermediary who is providing a credit based service to their clients and is essentially taking a direct bank transfer from the customer to your business with a debit card.


From less possibilities for credit card fraud, as only debit cards can be used with legitimate bank accounts, funds, and pin numbers, to the less cash you’ll need to deposit in person every week or every day, the level of security and convenience goes up for not only the customer but you as a business owner as well.


Integrating a debit card point of sale system is not something that has to be difficult or overly time consuming. Working with a reputable MMJ merchant service provider is the best place to start and be sure to ask questions, regarding your business, ease of access, implementation, and anything you should know.

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