It’s no mystery that the internet has changed the face of local business permanently, and to most of us that is for the best. As it stands right now roughly 90% of new clients find local businesses they are looking for through web based searches. Whether you own a restaurant, operate a landscaping company, or practice dentistry, it is more important than ever before to ensure you’re visible to the vast majority of new potential business.

1. Do you have a website?

Best Local Search Marketing Services

Best Local Search Marketing Services

It’s a common misconception that local businesses don’t need or would not benefit from having a website. With platforms like yelp, merchant circle, and google places being so profitable, many business owners feel it just would not make an impact on their bottom line.That could not be further from the truth. Websites are inexpensive and allow a more intimate atmosphere for you to engage with your customer. More importantly, search engines like google rank websites above and beyond standard local listings making it incredibly valuable.

2. Are your competitors online?

In today’s competitive world all businesses, be them local or global, compete for the same clients. If you are not visible or have a website that doesn’t show up on search engines for important keywords, how can you possibly expect to receive a better response or increase in sales than a competitor who has dedicated time and investment to online marketing? It simply is not possible.

3. Do you have any options?

The answer is as straight forward as possible. Yes. Even with just a small amount of work you can start to increase your local market share and see results that previously have been unattainable. Knowing who to hire for your local online marketing will be critical to your businesses success as not all service providers are created equal. Many companies outsource their work and don’t work with you directly, so it is incredibly important to get as much information as possible before hiring any local marketing firm.

Greater Local has been utilized by a wide range of businesses, all of whom have seen a 300-900%+ increase in their business. Work is never outsourced and you always have access to your personal account manager. We are a small highly specialized and dedicated team here to ensure your confidence and success. We’ve helped businesses dominate local markets where previously they did not even have a website. For the best local online marketing services look no further than your neighborhood friendly Brother Processing Solutions. More Customers. Better Life.