If you are a business owner, whether you’re just starting up or have been operating for years, offering your clients and potential customers every available option to make a payment is now more important than ever. In a world where cash is being used less and less, if you’re not accepting credit card and debit card payments you are missing out on all the benefits available to business owners in today’s fast paced world. Let’s look at some of the most potent advantages to accepting card payments today.

1. Convenience

Small Business Credit Card Processing Solutions

Small Business Credit Card Processing

How many times have you been enjoying a meal at a restaurant to learn when the bill comes that they take only cash! If you’re like most of us, this has happened more than a few times and can be incredibly frustrating. Either there is no ATM close by or the establishment offers one with a $5.00 service fee, forcing you to go out of your way to simply pay for the meal you’ve just had. How inconvenient! By accepting cards you ensure that your customers have every available option when it comes to paying their bill.

2. Flexibility

No longer is accepting credit cards rigid or out dated. With mobile card readers, on the go point of sale swipe & chip machines, to traditional retail register set ups, today you have every available option to accept debit and credit card payments. Have a business that is on the go? No problem! Enjoy taking payments directly from your mobile phone with new mobile card reader technology, where the point of sale is wherever your business and customers take you.

3. Technology

The world and it’s technology continues to change and advance at incredible rates, no different is the world of accepting credit and debit card payments. Nowadays, the point of sale can literally be anywhere you are with your smart phone. Similarly virtual terminals and shopping cart software allow you to take payments securely over the web where the card is not present (E-commerce, web stores, etc.) Keep yourself ahead of the curve with all of today’s useful and profitable advances in credit card processing technology.

No matter how you look at it, if you are not accepting credit and debit card payments, you are limiting the number of ways in which you can actually receive payments and take on new customers. There is no excuse in today’s modern technology driven world to not accept card payments. If you’re one of the last remaining business owners still not taking card payments, it’s time to step out from underneath that ancient rock and start running your business with all of today’s advantages.

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