Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has become one of the fastest growing and popular therapeutic compounds on the market today. There are a few reasons for this burst in popularity and consumption amongst the general public that focus primarily around all of the various health benefits related to taking CBD regularly.

“What exactly is CBD?”

Best CBD Credit Card Processing Canada

Best CBD Credit Card Processing Canada

CBD is a compound found within both hemp and marijuana. It contains no psychoactive properties meaning that it does not produce a “high” or “stoned” feeling, yet does provide a multitude of different health benefits.

“What benefits is there for taking CBD”?

There is a wide range of uses for CBD, some with research and others without. The one’s that have been researched is the way in which CBD reduces seizures in patients and children who suffer from consistent seizures like Epilepsy. There has been some conjecture over allowing CBD consumption in children because it can be derived from cannabis. However, any parent who has seen how effective it is as reducing or even eliminating their child’s seizures will tell you its a savior.

There is also proof that CBD can reduce inflammation, reduce chronic pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve appetite, as well as other benefits. This is one of the main reasons it has grown so rapidly in popularity over the past few years.

“How is CBD taken?”

Because CBD is such a versatile compound, there are loads of different ways it can be ingested into the body. The most common include: CBD pills, CBD oil for vaping or ingestion, powder for mixing in smoothies, creams for massaging into specific parts of the body, and more. This means that if you want to take CBD there is a wide range of different ways that you can.

“What about selling CBD at my shop?”

You can start selling CBD at your business right away. But you’ll want some specific cannabis and hemp merchant services that will help you in accepting debit and credit payments. You can always accept cash, but in todays modern world less and less people carry cash consistently. This means that offering them different payment options is a must.

“What about my Ecommerce business, can I accept CBD payments online?”

Yes you can. Now there are easy solutions to start accepting credit and debit payments directly through your businesses website or a specific ecommerce website. Getting the right credit card processing fees and time frames for deposit is important for any business, so be sure you’re looking in the right place.

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