Cannabidiol, also known commonly as CBD, is one of the fastest growing health and wellbeing products on the planet. Derived from cannabis, it goes through a process that removed THC (the psychoactive drug property of marijuana), creating a substance that offers all of the health benefits of cannabis without the effect of feeling “high” or “stoned” in any way. For this reason, it is being touted as a modern day miracle for treatments ranging from arthritis to anxiety and more.

In Canada, the demand for CBD is beginning to outweigh the supply with more and more companies looking to offer the health bringing good. The industry itself is experiencing incredible growth with billions in growth in just the past few years with more expected. The CBD market in Canada alone is expected to reach nearly $4 billion by 2021, so it’s no surprise that retailers across the country are looking to get in on the action. Another reason for all of the growth potential is the variety of forms in which CBD can be delivered.

Forms include:

CBD Credit Card Processing Services Canada

CBD Credit Card Processing Services Canada

CBD Oil: that is able to be consumed via vaping devices (inhalation), in tinctures (oral), dropped directly on the tongue (sub-lingual), and even rubbed into the skin, also can be used in drinks and cooking.

CBD Powder: used commonly in shakes, teas, yogurts, and more.

CBD Creams: used topically on the skin, joints, and muscles.

With so many innovative ways to consume CBD, and all of the benefits it provides users, it’s no mystery to see why the market is experiencing such rapid growth. So, if you’re an ecommerce retailer of CBD or cannabis products you’ll want to make the most of this by ensuring you offer all of your customers all varieties of payment options possible. This means more than just cash payments, including debit, credit, and even checks and echecks.

With a qualified CBD and cannabis product merchant service provider, you can start taking ecommerce online payments, as well as face to face credit, debit and check purchases in no time. Be aware that all merchant service providers are not the same and they do not offer the same processing rates, some will be higher than others and you want to avoid these companies.

A few questions to ask is how long will it take to receive your direct deposits? What are the monthly flat operating costs? What are the processing rates for each individual type of card? Here at we’re at the forefront of all merchant services cannabis and CBD related. So, for all the best things in CBD Credit Card Processing Services Canada, look no further, and give us a call today for a free consultation with Stuart today.