Operating a cannabis accessory shop that sells accessories but also CBD means checking a few boxes when it comes to legality and accepting payments. Knowing what the Health Canada laws are regarding payment acceptance, banking, and marketing your CBD and accessory shop is something that is critically important to your business and personal success. That means working with the right sort of merchant service provider who not only is familiar with all the legal issues of your business but also who will ensure that everything is set up properly.

Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada

Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest growing health product industries in the world today. Effective at treating all sorts of chronic conditions, CBD has made its way into everything from smoothies, pills, skin care products, and more. So if you’re planning to get in on this booming industry you’ll have to make sure you’re using a qualified CBD merchant service provider. Not every old bank and merchant company is willing to offer services and many that do charge exorbitant prices and rates for processing. But this should not be the case if you know where to look and who to hire.

The best CBD merchant service companies today will not list you as a “high risk” client and will provide the same market rates for accepting all major credit and debit cards as if you were any other business. Why, after all, should your fee be double the rate of any other business? The answer is that it should not so don’t get fooled by firms that say “oh well you’re high risk so the rates are higher and the deposit time longer”. That is just plain false!

Cannabis accessory businesses also will want to use a merchant service that is in the industry as a whole. With full recreational marijuana legalized here in Canada, it’s no wonder that sales of accessories like water pipes and grinders are way up. This market you to can take advantage of but be sure you’ve done your research into who is processing your credit and debit transactions. Be sure to find out the rates that you’re paying now because if they are anything more than the standard processing rates, you should switch providers immediately.

Getting things going in this industry shouldn’t be anymore difficult than any other business. For the best in Cannabis Accessory Merchant Services Canada, look no further than right here at BrotherProcessing.com. We work with every client directly, we are not a large agency where no one knows you. We are also investors in the Cannabis industry. Call today and speak with Stuart to get the most out of your rates and processing today.