The Covid-19 global pandemic has changed the way in which we live our lives on a day to day basis. Those changes effect people’s personal lives as well as the way in which businesses operate and the cannabis industry is no different. Here we’ll look at what some of the major branches of this industry are doing to keep employees and consumers safe throughout the entire process.

Deep Cleaning

CBD Credit Card Processing Service

CBD Credit Card Processing Service

Whether we are talking about the front of house for a large medical grow operation or at a cannabis dispensary, deep cleaning has become the norm. As companies continue to operate and patients and recreational marijuana consumers enter dispensaries to make purchases, knowing that the space has been thoroughly disinfected across all surfaces offers piece of mind and real safety. Businesses of all sizes are taking this time period incredibly seriously and that means they take your health incredibly seriously as well.

Face Masks & Hand Sanitizers

Face masks have become part of the global day to day life and for good reason. By having a face shield you protect yourself and others from the possible spread of the virus. At grow operations, CBD manufacturing locations, and dispensaries; all staff and employees wear masks at all times. Customers are also required to wear masks when they enter the store. To keep your safety a step further dispensaries have hand sanitizer dispensers so you can keep your personal hygiene in the right direction despite entering the shop to make a purchase. These are basic measures but effective nonetheless.

Social Distancing

Instead of simply walking into a dispensary to make a purchase or pick up a prescription, many are now requiring appointments for service. It is as easy as calling the dispensary to schedule a time to arrive or through the appointment portion of some websites for individual dispensaries. This way social distancing is never an issue as the number of patrons allowed in the shop at any given moment is limited.

Contact-less Delivery

Just like pizza chains and other businesses that deliver, cannabis and CBD products that are being delivered will do so via contact less delivery. This is an added layer of protection to keep social distancing practices easily enforced.

Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers

Different businesses purchase their PPE from different sources but there is one stand out within the Cannabis industry. Http:// has partnered with multiple different dispensaries, grow operations, CBD businesses, and other members of the MMJ and cannabis community. They are investors into the cannabis world and also work directly with a leading CBD and cannabis merchant service provider.

Rest assured any operation using Breath Safely for PPE has the highest quality protective equipment on the market, manufactured and sourced right here in Canada.

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