In a momentous vote, the Canadian government has legalized marijuana sale and consumption for recreational use. Only the second nation in the world to do so following Uruguay several years ago. This means good things for businesses and the general public.

Marijuana Credit Card Processing Canada

Marijuana Credit Card Processing Canada

If you operate a marijuana dispensary things will be starting to change very soon. No longer is cash the only option for customers and clients, with full legalization banking systems will become open, not unlike current access to debit card transactions for dispensaries.

Ensuring you’re working with the right merchant service can make all of the difference on getting things up and running smoothly, with the best rates, and the best service and personalized advice. With recreational marijuana use now legalized in Canada, dispensaries and other budding businesses now have opportunities to expand their customer base and market share. By offering debit and credit card transaction options, customers have more choice when it comes to how they pay for their cannabis.

Knowing which MMJ merchant service to work with isn’t something that has to be overly complicated or difficult. By asking a few questions and vetting the credit card processor you can determine rather quickly if they will be the right fit to aid your businesses growth and day to day transaction intake.

For the best in Marijuana Credit Card Processing Canada, look no further than specialized expertise from your local Canadian merchant service with Brother Processing.