Run a legitimate business that has special needs when it comes to your credit and debit card processing? Knowing what to look for in a high risk credit card processing merchant service provider can make or break the difference between a seamless solution or a daily struggle. Here we’ll look at the most important factors to keep in mind when considering your credit card processing options.

High Risk Credit Card Processing Options

High Risk Credit Card Processing Options

1.Fraud Protection

In different markets the risk for fraudulent charge backs and other difficulties with clients can increase and its ensuring your business is protected from this sort of fraud that will keep your bottom line moving forwards. With state of the art fraud monitoring and detecting modules you can rest easy knowing your online terminal is safe, secure, and strict on the approval of information with each and every transaction.

2. Chargeback Monitoring Portal

Manage and file claims against chargebacks in a simple and straight forward way. Receive alerts via text, phone, or email and file documents and files directly via the web. No longer must you fax or mail in each and every charge back dispute, this speeds up the ease in which you can ensure your claims are rewarded and funds returned to you immediately.

3. Payment Clearance Speed

Payment clearance speed is one of the most important things to keep your business moving forwards and with speeds as quick as 48 hours to weekly payments (the industries fastest), that is no longer something to worry about.

4. Dedicated Support

Finding the right high risk credit card processing merchant service provider doesn’t have to be all that difficult but there are essentially two routes. The big corporation where no one knows you or your business, or a more dedicated and personal team who works with you directly, whose personal and office phone lines you always have and who is available 24 hours a day? With high risk businesses knowing you can get in touch with someone to solve any issues or concerns you run into is a great asset.

Brother Processing works directly with each and every client we work with. Developing lasting personal and professional relationships is something we are dedicated to and it shows in the success of our customers businesses as well as our own. Be sure to ask questions and get a review of your businesses credit and debit processing needs today. 800-891-8965