Canadian Medical Marijuana Accept Credit Cards

Canadian Medical Marijuana Accept Credit Cards

Here in Canada our citizens and government have been ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the real health benefits of medical marijuana in its various forms. Many physicians and patients alike have experienced first hand these benefits and finally today options exist for distributors to offer credit and debit payment solutions as well as ecommerce online options that are brand new today.

If you run a medical marijuana distribution business you know all of the necessary regulations required to operate safely and to the rule of law. Today, accepting cannabis credit and debit payments online via your own website e-commerce platform is no longer just a pipe dream. With long-term solutions now available, start accepting internet sales today.

Benefits include reaching a larger pool of patients who may not be able to come in physically, as well as providing governments completely customizeable provincial as well as federal compliance options. Internet sales reduce the need for brick and mortar cannabis store fronts, promoting acceptance and legalization. The web platform also prevents minors from accessing or purchasing medical marijuana via advanced age verification technology.

Other benefits include the reduction of illegal or illicit activity in the market, caps on amounts sold or purchased, guaranteed safety and quality control for legal buyers of cannabis, as well as reducing added costs to local and national government organizations.

Medical marijuana MMJ e-commerce solutions that meet all government compliance and regulations on top of helping dispensaries reach more patients is a thing of here and now. Start accepting mail orders and internet sales today.

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